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Salaam and welcome. I made my pilgrimage in 2012. I wanted to share my experiences and advice - so that those going in future know what to expect, or those who just want to know how I got on!

This blog is a mix of advice and diary excerpts.

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Monday, 21 January 2013

What to wear on Hajj

Salaam alikoum all!

I haven't blogged in a while - so to ease myself back in I have decided to do a post on what to wear to hajj!

This post has been inspired by a Face Book friend (thanks Umm Merlin)

The temperature will range between 30 and 40 degrees. For a Brit like me that's HOT!

So us ladies not having too many restrictions on us with ihram we are free to pick and choose whats comfy to wear.

My first advice is: think about keeping it cool

Choose an abaya which is made of natural breathable materials. Don't make the same mistake as me and bring an abaya that was nylon based.....its like taking a constant shower!  Alternatively you could wear an overhead abaya, they are quite floaty and would avoid wearing a scarf.

Under the abaya I personally recommend leggings. They are practical, you will be using dirty public toilets and you want trousers that don't flap around or drag.  They are also very light. My friend wore ali baba trousers.

I would also recommend these - they are light and cool and don't drag on the floor!

My next recommendation is a vest top. Again its about wearing as little as possible to keep cool.

My favourite abaya I wore to death out there was very light and a cotton mix.  It was also not black! Black absorbs the sun - so not the best colour to wear. The majority of hajja's wore white. Me and white don't mix (I will spill something on my white clothes within 5 minutes of wearing the garment!). 

My next advice is regarding foot wear. Hajj is going to involve a LOT of walking. I mean a lot. 

Seriously consider what kind of footwear will best suit you. You will be mainly walking over concrete and pebbley ground (nightmare!). 

Cheap flip flops won't cut it. Really. Save them for the public toilets/Mina.

My personal recommendation are hiking sandals/trainers.

They are sturdy and provide a comfortable support for your feet.  I saw so many men wear out their flip flops, lose them etc. Men have little option for footwear due to the constrictions of ihram. Us ladies are lucky so take advantage!

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